Services — Delta Express Ltd.


Forwarding service

Forwarding dispenses a client from time-consuming and complex business.

Forwarding service contains the following:

- choosing appropriate means of transport;

- arranging and checking delivering process;

- arranging documentation of transport;

- arranging documentation of customs;

- arranging loading and discharging in port;

- warehousing.

Agency service

We arrange agency service for the vessels calling to all main ports in Estonia.

Our agency service includes the following:

- arrangement all port formalities, inward and outward clearance for the vessel entering and leaving the port;

- fast and exact transmission of necessary information between vessel, port, owners and charterers;

- ordering ship supplies, arrangement of crew change, master's order including crew needs;

- preparation of the preliminary and final disbursement accounts.


DELTA EXPRESS Ltd. has a good experience in transporting packed and unpacked foodstuff, and building materials by sea. Mostly we are dealing with vessels with capacities of appr. 500 - 5 000 DWT in Baltic, North and Mediterranean Seas.

We as chartering brokers have numerous good contacts all over the world and we are always ready to help you in finding the most suitable vessel for transporting your goods as well as could propose some interesting cargoes for your vessel.

Warehousing and customs service

Warehousing and customs service forms a part of forwarding service, which we offer also separately.

Customs service includes filling and submitting different declarations and certificates, like certificate of health and quality, certificate of origin, certificate of phytosanitary.

Warehousing service includes storing and holding in a warehouse, and delivery from warehouse.


We offer consultations and assistance in the fields of:

- logistics;

- insurance;

- financing;

- customs.